I've never thought I was mentally and physically tough enough to "make it" at 
Paris Island.  I have the greatest respect and admiration for those who have.   

One of my proudest, but most humbling, moments was several years ago at the 
Durham VA Medical Center when a small group of USMC veterans of some of the 
fiercest battles in Vietnam offered me their sincere appreciation for B-52 
raids having saved them from certain annihilation.  There is only a slim 
chance, of course, that I was at the controls during the incidents they cited, 
and the awesome power they witnessed was made possible by Boeing.  I (or 
whoever was in control) sat in reasonable air conditioned "comfort" 7 or 8 
miles above the battles the marines endured.

Until the discussion with them, I had thought that the "work" of the BUFFS 
during Arc Light (down "South') was little-noticed, little-known and 
unappreciated - made lotsa toothpicks of many acres of jungle growth.       


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