Thanks Randy.  How easy was it to inspect the bore?  Something that can be done 
in a junk yard?

Time/money trade off: don't forget the risk of an accident when the inferior 
cheapo master cylinder from FLAPS fails.  SWMBO has decided she won't drive THE 
1995 MERCEDES-BENZ E300 ANDREW until the new MC is installed.  I agree with 
that decision, offered to let her drive the White Whale if she needed.  New MC 
should arrive tomorrow.

The pictures of the FTE kit look like the new rubber seals are installed on a 
new plunger, but I didn't notice a plastic tube to guide them home.
Max Dillon
Charleston SC
'87 300TD
'95 E300

On August 5, 2015 5:41:20 PM EDT, Randy Bennell via Mercedes 
<> wrote:
>I ordered a rebuild kit for the mc in my 1976 115 300D.
>It took a while to show up but I got it. It is Raybestos brand and says
>that it was made in Australia.
>I am struggling to get the kit installed however. It was a bit of a
>to get apart and is also challenging me in putting it back together. No
>problem taking the mc out of the car.
>It is amazing how stretchy the rubber parts are. Even after the Lord 
>only knows how long the existing parts had soaked in brake fluid, they 
>were not easy to get off of the metal plunger. It took some prying to 
>get them off. Then one has to stretch the new ones onto it. Not easy. I
>cut the nozzle off of a big caulking tube and used it to slide the 
>rubber cup up on over the ridge on the metal plunger. I tried to just 
>roll it on with my fingers but that is not easy when trying to do it to
>a small rubber doodad soaked in brake fluid while wearing rubber
>Using the nozzle from the caulking tube permitted me to stretch the 
>rubber cup up to about the size of the metal plunger diameter so that I
>could slip it over the ridge into the groove. While doing so, I hoped I
>was not doing it any harm.  I guess, time will tell.
>Now that I have that part together, my next challenge is to get that 
>plunger with the rubber cups on it to slide into the bore on the mc 
>casting. There is no way to do it with one's fingers as the smaller
>is at least 2 inches down inside the larger bore on the stepped
>I think the answer is to find some tubing the right size and slip the 
>plunger into it and reach the whole mess down inside and get it lined
>with the bore and then push the plunger out of the tubing into the
>I measured the plunger and it is .749" so pretty close to 3/4" and 3/4"
>inside diameter pipe ought not to be too hard to find. I need to poke 
>around in my junk and see what I can come up with, or head to a
>store with my digital calipers to see what I can find.
>The service manual on the CD indicates that MB likely provided a
>kit for these at one time that came essentially assembled with a new 
>plunger inside a plastic tube. One shoved the tube into the mc housing 
>and just pushed it in. At least that is what it looks like to me in the
>I am not so lucky. I just got a small bag of loose parts in a box. The 
>price was right and the mc looks good so it seemed to me to be a good 
>thing to try to keep the car pretty much original. However, I have paid
>more in insurance for the period it has been off the road while I
>for the parts and then while it waited for me to work on it, than it 
>would have cost to have a rebuilt one almost immediately. Such is life,
>"live and learn" hopefully.


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