We just looked down the bore with a light and it looked fine to me.


On 05/08/2015 5:18 PM, Max Dillon via Mercedes wrote:
Thanks Randy.  How easy was it to inspect the bore?  Something that can be done 
in a junk yard?

Time/money trade off: don't forget the risk of an accident when the inferior 
cheapo master cylinder from FLAPS fails.  SWMBO has decided she won't drive THE 
1995 MERCEDES-BENZ E300 ANDREW until the new MC is installed.  I agree with 
that decision, offered to let her drive the White Whale if she needed.  New MC 
should arrive tomorrow.

The pictures of the FTE kit look like the new rubber seals are installed on a 
new plunger, but I didn't notice a plastic tube to guide them home.


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