Hendrik Riessen wrote:
Yes I do, complete with new washers and a holographic seal on the box.

I get new washers with mine, and a new O-ring for the filter cover, but no fancy hologram. I'm not sure the car knows the difference, though. I may buy a couple of the new cheapo filters just to see what they're like, instead of the MANNs I've been running. I put 20,000 miles on the car in the last six months, so I'm going through a lot of filters.

I suppose filter quality might be a bigger concern if you're running Mobil 1 with extended drain intervals. I'm still using dino oil, because it's obvious the engine is going to outlast the rest of the car, which is a rustbucket. If it were a showroom-nice collector's item I'd probably be more of a purist.

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