(Andrew: 1987 Mercedes-Benz 300TD, white with blue interior)

Plan A has been rejected by both the Chair of the Finance Committee and the
Chair of the Social Committee aka COMHOMELANT aka SWMBO, so now I'm on Plan
B.  Plan A was to order the MB tie rod assembly from MB Northlake for $55
plus $10 shipping, and then swing by LKQ Knackers tonight after work and
see if I could scrounge a good used tie rod assembly.  Replace the used
assembly with the new at a later date TBD.  Plan B is to purchase two new
tie rod ends from local Autoparts warehouse (Moog) for $90 and install
those tonight after work.  Plan C is to execute the first part of Plan B
(get the new ends in hand), hold on to the receipt, execute Plan A on the
sly (but pay an extra $10 for overnight shipping) and delay the
installation until Saturday p.m. or later, and then return the Plan B parts
on Monday.  Confess my "modification of the plan" after I can show "Look
honey, I saved us $15!".

Charleston SC

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