Traveling on I-83 on my way to DC on business from Bellefonte PA. Place in Harrisburg where you have to off ramp on I -83 to get back on I-83. Ramp and up take to ramp are on a curve. Well Traffic was stopped on the ramp. I saw this in time and slowed down and left my usual three car lengths. As I slowed to a stop I looked in my rearview. Here comes a full size semi doing what I estimate is at least 50-55 mph or better coming right at me and closing very, very fast. So fast that I figured not only would I be dead (pulverized from the rear) but my car would be pool balled into the car stopped ahead of me. No steel beauty 123 chassis was going to save me from this. No way instant death. At the last nano second, I had about 6 feet of break down lane on my right and that three-car length space ahead of me I gunned it and moved into the break down lane. He or she by some act of God made a swerve steering maneuver to his left, which made his load do a little dance, but missed me by 2 to 6 inches. He keeps going in the left lane, which took you to some state road. Like I said I would have been pulverized or vaporized instantaneously. Few cars ahead would / could have been wasted too.

If it was a car that hit me it might have been survivable. The guy is driving a 100,000 lb (?) rig and flat out was not paying attention. That is the difference (the shear physics), which can never be overlooked. An industry which should have the same safety standards as lets say the aerospace industry or maritime industry, is certainly lacking, big time, yet on a day by day basis affects as many if not more people. It is truly out of control. In my million plus miles of traveling this was the closest I have come to getting wasted. Thanks Guardian Angel my dear!

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