Hi John,
Yeah, I've been disabled for about 10 years (time flies when you;re having fun). I was being diagnosed when I was rebuilding the 240D engine in '95 - I have a nerve disease similar to MS - except where MS attacks nerves in the spine, what I have attacks them in the peripheral nerves. There are 3 or 4 similar diseases which attack these nerves and sometimes they cause loss of strength and/or pain. My only problem is pain - intense burning sometimes with sharp stabbing pain - like a RR spike being pushed thru my instep or the same toe being broken over and over again - sometimes coming every 2-5 seconds for a few minutes or a few days at a time. Sleep was a real problem at times. Which adds to the stress and seems to increase the pain level.

Unfortunately nerve pain is very difficult to manage. Too much meds and I go to sleep - not a good way to spend life - too little and it;s a waste of time. I see an anestheologist regularly and was implanted with a pump that initially contained morphine which was dripped into my spine thru a catheter from the pump. The morphine was changed to Dilaudid with epinephrine - it's 5x's more concentrated than morphine so I have to get the pump refilled every 5 months instead of monthly. A needle is inserted and the old med withdrawn then fresh inserted. Finding the port with the needle was very difficult for the doctor to find sometimes - scar tissue builds up over time - plus, the pump is canted slightly and the needle must enter precisely. One time they tried 7 times before finding it! Not much fun.

I have good days and bad - probably 3-4 good days/week now on average - so sleep is problematic making work difficult (the pain is also a factor). ;-) Also, along with the pump meds I take percocet and a seizure med which has proven somewhat effective. But sometimes *nothing* works and I have extreme pain for 3 or 4 days straight. Its been hard on my wife - hearing me scream every few seconds/minutes for long periods while being unable to do anything is very frustrating for her (and me) ;-)

But it could always be worse!! Lots of people have problems I cannot imagine - so I'm thankful for that.

Sorry to go into so much detail - but it's hard to explain briefly as most people have never heard of "chronic ideopathic demylinating polyneuropathy" - CIDP for short - I know I'd never heard of it before - and while the initial diagnosis was going on I kept thinking they'd find out what I had and give me a pill to cure me. It was a shock to find I have something without a cure. I went to MCV, Johns Hopkins and wrote to the Mayo Clinic who declined to see me - maybe if I;d been a sheik of Arabia they would've tried - and stayed with my local neurologist for treatment.

Anyway - sorry again for being long-winded - thanks for the interest - I am greatful for all those I've met on the internet and who have become "friends" - my wife always frowns when I say I have made friends with someone I only know thru email - but I have come to know some very well over the past years -

Tell me John, how did you come to have a email name of rat-tail-baby? Seems like there might be a story there? ;-) Take care -

Larry T ('74 911, '67 MGB, 78 240D)

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 I usually check things over about once a
month but since becoming disabled and no longer driving to work the
240D was
being used less & less & I obviously wasn;t checking things often

Disabled Larry? I was gone for a long time what happened? I hope your
mending well.

Johnny B.
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