I've never had the tool. I just back the nut off to flush, then pop it with a short handle 2 pounder. That is done from the bottom, so no clearance problems Clarence.

If one is really bad, i've used the pickle forks, but both of mine are gone now, so I just use the LFH.

You can adjust toe fairly close with just a tape, the the homemade caliper works better. I've never made the homemade caliper.

New Moog tie-rod ends installed yesterday evening, they have a lifetime

I have the MB special tool (201 589 13 33 00, see picture procedure
46-6177) for removing the outer tie-rod end, works like a champ.  Inner,
not so good.  The tool orientation on the inner end puts the tool nut up
into the engine compartment, so that there is no room to get a wrench on

The nut is 24mm, and the only sockets I have for that are normal depth; a
deep well is required.  I don't own a 24mm deep well socket, so I made a
spacer from a Harbor Freight 32mm socket by cutting off about 10mm (there
is a 32mm counter-hold point on the tool just below the part that the nut
pushes on).  Took me about an hour to cut off that 10mm and grind the edge
flat; this was an impact wrench socket, pretty beefy.  Poor little harbor
freight bench grinder with a cut-off wheel at one end and a course grinding
stone at the other, gets the job done but easily bogs down so I don't push

I carefully measure the distance between the ends of the old tie-rod, and
adjust new to match, but of course the steering wheel is now cocked at
about 1:00, so an alignment is forthcoming.

Odd thing was that immediately after the work, at the first start-up for a
test drive, the brake pad sensor light decided to light up and tell me the
front pad(s) are low.  It was winking at first, went off while backing up,
but then after a few yards of forward motion it stayed on steady. Took the
left front wheel off again to make sure I didn't mess that up, couldn't
find anything, and that inner pad does indeed look a little thin and the
disc might be contacting the sensor now.  I may pull the sensor connection
off at that pad and see if that clears the light.  Good excuse to install
Akebono ceramic pads.

Charleston SC


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