On 07/08/2015 2:46 PM, Curt Raymond via Mercedes wrote:
Its hard to judge how hard the jack is working other than how effectively its 
trying to bury itself in the ground. Often when jacking a house like my 
grandmother's that doesn't have a foundation we'll have a tough time since we 
need to dig down to get the jack under somewhere. I've got a couple 2x8 blocks 
to put under it but the footprint is often still too small.
I learned my lesson on this helping my uncle jack the other side of the wall 
Dad and I raised when he rebuilt the bathroom. We got the jack good and buried 
but then couldn't get it to go back down until we dug all around it to get to 
the release... Now if its sinking I'll put the load back down and crib the base 

Yes, I have been there too.
The garage at the lake is open on one side on the bottom like a carport. The other side is closed in etc and there is a 2nd floor above both sides used for storage. The garage is settling some and a few years ago my son and I jacked up the outer wall of the carport some. I intended to lift it more the following day but it rained hard that night and filled the holes that we had dug for the jack full of water. I tried to bail them out so we could continue our project but then the ground was so soft we were just pushing the jack into the ground. I filled in the holes with gravel that had been dug out of them and waited for a better day. Sadly that day has yet to come and the garage is still down on that side - now worse than ever. I do need to get back to it but now I need to move a bunch of stuff out of the way so I can get to the outer wall -including my boat which could be moved as it is sitting on a trailer but is a job because I have to move other stuff so I can move the trailer.



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