On 07/08/2015 3:33 PM, Meade Dillon via Mercedes wrote:
FTE master cylinder arrived last night about 8:30 p.m., I had half a day
off so I installed it after lunch.  Did not bench bleed it, just used the
power bleeder and pushed fresh fluid out to all four wheels.

Pedal feel is exactly like before (mushy) but it has always been mushy on
that car.  I may decide to try a different brake booster.  What causes a
mushy brake pedal other than air or bad MC?  Time for new brake hoses at
all four corners?

At first, the pedal would sink, just like with the last MC.  I drove it
around the block and stopped hard a few times, and it got better.  Doesn't
sink now, brakes do their thing just fine, no pulling.  I may get some more
brake fluid and try bleeding it some more.

I think I'll drive this car for a few days and see how it performs.
Charleston SC

I think I would bleed the brakes some more. My son replaced some rusted brake lines on an old 4Runner that we had a few years back and had a devil of a time getting a good pedal. I think he bled it about 4 times before he got all of the air out.



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