DO you want or care about clean wheels?

Ceramic will keep your wheels cleaner. I've had very good luck with cheap pads from oreely. They do make your wheels dirty. I just clean and paint the wheels every few years with a rattlecan. Unless you are driving on a race track, the cheap (organic) pads work very well. If you plan to drag the brakes all the way down a mountain, they may fade, but I never have any problem.

Ceramic on the dogde van: The anti skid accelerometer has been fubar mostly since we got the van. Most of the time the system turns itself off, but sometimes the LF brake drags. this ruins the discs and pads. About 18 months ago I put new pads and rotors on; did the ceramic pad breakin stuff; and they were wonderful.

Unfortunately, i never figured out how to snip the purple wire somewhere buried under the console that is said to disable the antiskid system. So the new rotors and pads are ruined. I recently dug in to the console innards and found the accelerometer. I never found the purple wire, but I unplugged the accelerometer, with the same effect. Anti skid is now dead. There are 2 fuses you can pull to disable, but it also kills the speedometer, odometer and some other somewhat necessary systems. This is all not really the fault of ceramic pads, but i don't think the cheap pads would cause the rotor warping like these did.

The whole deal of the special breakin procedure for the ceramic pads is related to not warping the rotors and putting a glaze on the ceramic pad.

How do organic pads compare to ceramic?
Max Dillon
Charleston SC
'87 300TD
'95 E300


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