Supposedly there is a local gullah kulture too, but they may have been displaced by the poor lil rich folk from newyawk and bahston and deecee. HH was maybe my last choice. They have a 9 hole course where you try to kick a soccer ball into a bushel sized hole. So far, that and watching tv is all I'm interested in, unless we luck out and the weather is sunny and nice. I expect it to cold, cloudy and windy. We'll see what else pops up.

HH is a zoo for rich old white people but it might be half tolerable weather-wise though it can still be chilly. I don't know what you would do there other than hang at the beach, I guess there are restaurants and such around.

Savannah is nice to walk around, some good restaurants there. The riverfront is sorta froo-frooed up for turistas but is a fun walk, there are some turista restaurants and such, and some junk shops the ladies will probably like. Walking through the old neighborhoods is fun too, lots of history. My cousin lives close by there and works in town, I can ask her for a list of things to do or I am sure there are various guidebooks and web sites and such. Took my wife down there a coupla years ago for her bday end of January, we had a nice weekend and the weather was nice.


On 8/9/15 1:59 PM, Curly McLain via Mercedes wrote:
SWMBO chose hilton head for a week this winter. Main factor was availability of a 3 br for the week so the whole clan can stay together. So AL, GA, AZ, NV, TX, CA and FL lost out. Last year was destin FL.

We will be looking for interesting things around there and Savannah that don't involve barnyard pool. Mercedes and 2 wheel antique/classic BMWs preferred.


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