I did them on a 201, some kind of random brand Rusty sent me. I also put Akebonos on my Ranger after everybody told me how great they are.Other than a lack of brake dust I never saw anything so terrific about them. They stopped good but they didn't seem to last any better than anything else. The last time I changed the pads on the 190D I put Pagid which were half the price though still twice the price of the squeeky pads Car Quest sold me.
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Not a 123, but a 124 and an Infiniti. Superior in every way. Just ordered a set for my 124 wagon to replace the OEM pads, about $45 for the front set with free shipping on Amazon.
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Curt brings up a good point. The harder the pads (ceramic) the more likely they are to squeal, AND the more they wear your rotors.

I can get 200 to 300k out of rotors with the cheap (dusty) pads. it is easy to change pads and cheap, it is harder and expensive to change rotors.

Ceramic pads DO have to be broken in properly to work properly and also to not warp your rotors.

The ceramic pads of the dogde and the rotors needed to be changed at a little over 100k. Mucho dinero$$$

I've never had to buy rotors for my Mercedes with the "organic" or asbestos pads.

I see no advantage, unless you have a show car and the dust is a significant factor. I see several DISadvantages to ceramic.


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