Correct me if I am wrong here, but recent stats would indicate that
purchasers are very happy with their new Hyundai (is that spelled
correctly?) cars but not so happy with the late model Mercedes. I don't
think it is all a matter of expectations either. The original Pony was a
piece of junk but the far east has learned fast and risen to the task at
hand. Europe and America have struggled to keep pace.

Randy B

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On 1/31/06, Hendrik Riessen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Yeah the Japanese have come a long way since the early days of the corolla
> but seriously would you trust a little tin box with your life?
> The problem with Lexus is that it does not have the brand recognition
> of a Mercedes. It's all about perception.
> Hendrik

This is actually an interesting statement, and one I feel compelled to
blindly answer upon.  What I'm about to say is heresay from an expat
that has been around the world through Uncle Sam's dollar.

What he has said is that each country not only has different auto
specs, but different legal abilities. American, for example, you have
the legal ability to sue the manufacturer of the vehicle in the event
of a catastrophic event. Ala the SUV flip over, the Ford/Firestone
tire issue, etc. So American automakers tend to make their vehicles
well enough to protect occupants to deflect some of this ability to
file suit. It has to be a problem with a whole line, not just a single

In Japan, the only person that has the legal ability to file suit
against a manufacturer in the event of a catastrophic event is the
driver of the vehicle. Not the family. This is an important
distinction. The whole statement that a Japanese vehicle is a "little
tin box" that you would not "trust with your life" is an engineering
decision. No driver, no suit.

Germany, on the other hand, grants the legal ability to not only file
suit against the company that manufacturers the vehicle, but the lead
design engineer as well. Hence all the old German vehicles that are
still on the road. Slightly rusty and a bit beat, but still mostly
intact and road worthy.

Please accept this all with a few grains of salt, as I have never
tried to verify or deny any of what was told to me. However, a little
applied logic added to the tale helps to clear a bit of fog, at least
to me.

Yet, I own three Japanese vehicles. Hope an MB is in my future.

Knowledge is power... Power Corrupts. Study hard... Be Evil.

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