The rear unit is plumbed in series with the front unit as far as the
coolant flow, most likely.

Unlikely.  Remember how AC works: it is not pumping cold fluid around,
it is pumping HOT fluid around.  The phase change that occurs at/after
the expansion valve sucks the heat out of the environment.  After the
phase change the coolant is cold, but has little remaining heat-carrying
capacity.  My read on it is that there are TWO expansion valves, all is
is wired in parallel.  The compressor/condenser is sized up accordingly.

But look it up for sure.

-- Jim

I think this is correct. either can run independently of the other, or both can run at the same time, or both can be off.

Plug off the in and out of the bad evap and charge what is left. The trick is how much is a full charge. Sight glass is the key for this deal. Scale won't help, other than to determine how much actually went in.


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