Sitting at my desk checking emails at 11 last night, "the world" suddenly went 
DARK and heat pump, TV - everything - cut off.  'First though was "Vehicle hit 
a pole or a transformer blew," but there was no noise - just sudden quiet and 
darkness.  I said to SHWMBO in adjoining room, "Don't leave me, I can't stand 
and move around safely in complete darkness."  She replied, "Well, right now, I 
can't do it very well either."  I quickly recovered, though, and whipped my 
iPhone out and punched the flashlight app on, which saved the day/night.  
Hobbled across hall into kitchen, looked out and realized that neighbors still 
had power.  Noticed stove clock still on and refrigerator running and thought, 
"Hey, what's this?  We still have some power."  Flipped kitchen light, lights 
came on; back to hall, flipped switch - no light; flipped switch for second 
floor landing; light came on.  'Began to think, "Lost one leg of our power 
supply."  Hobbled upstairs to check bedroom lights and heat pump - 
 lights OK, heat pump inop.

'Back to kitchen, found flashlight and new batteries for SWMBO, who escorted me 
into basement and to breaker box.  'Found all breakers ON and OK.  'Looking 
more like loss of one leg of power supply at transformer.  'Back to first 
floor; hobbled outside to heat pump units to chk breakers there - found all 
good.  Told SWMBO, "Go to bed if ya want, I'm gonna sit here in kitchen for a 
while and call power co.  

'Couldn't find # for power co. in directory.  Finally told Siri to call 911.  
Asked emergency dispatcher if she could help me find # for reporting power out. 
 'Told me to call 411.  "Oh, of course, thanks."  

'Got the # and called; after listening to series of options, finally spoke to a 
lady who seemed to understand that I had a partial outage - loss of one leg of 
power supply.  Man called coupla minutes later to confirm - "Yes, I have only 
partial power - 120 volts in part of house, none in rest of house and no 
240-volt power - heat pumps do not run."  He replied, "OK, I got it, I think 
you're right.  'Sounds like you've lost one leg.  You should see a technician 
pulling up in les than 30 minutes."  "Thank you, Sir.  I'll wait."  

Shonuff, "bout 25 minutes later, truck pulled up in front.  Tech, checked pwr 
in meter base; one leg of power missing.  "Found loose connection at 
transformer; in about 15 min, power was back on, and I headed to bed glad that 
I had pursued it then, instead of waiting 'til morning.           

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