my perfect running 3 month old R4 compressor failed today.

AC had been running for maybe 2 minutes and i was going probably 10 mph. Outside air temp about 90f. As i started off i heard and explosion POW and i assumed i had had a blowout, then i saw a puff of oil smoke come out from under the hood.

The new in MAY compressor seems to have popped open and, of course, let out all the oil and R12.

I'd driven it a couple of thousand miles since the repair which consisted of a good flushing, new drier, R12 and conventional refrigerant oil/

Compressor had been the quietest & smoothest i'd ever had. I haven't checked but i don't think the compressor actually mechanically failed because there was never any noise beyond normal

email me directly if you want to see photos Š i'm not messing with emailing them to the list

i hat it because it's HOT

compressor was brand new not rebuilt from ebay $150 or so and supposedly warrantied but no labor, i'm sure

We'll see

I need to do it all again because i have about 3000 miles of running around and dragging stuff to do in the next month and the midwest is hot just like georgia

Have any of you ever seen such a failure


xx rick
Rick Hawkins

How do you know it is an MB compressor, and not a GM compressor? From what i heard, they look the same, but the gm one is mounted 90 or 180º from how the MB one mounts, resulting in no oil in the bearings for the GM one mounted on the MB. That is why I only trusted a new one from Q, when Q was in the biz.

Sounds to me like you got a GM compressor not a GM compressor made for MB use.


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