GMANN sez: World wide, crude oil prices continue to fall.. last price I saw was was
$44.++ per barrel... over two weeks ago.

Dollar value [the world exchange currency for oil purchase] has risen as
oil price has fallen..

The price of fuel tax remains the same or has risen

Demand is down, car owners are driving less due to bad economy and high
fuel prices..

Someone do the math on all that...

Ja, and here, they could not pass the 10ยข raise in gas/dissel tax, so the speaker (socialist=R) canned 2 people of the committee who rightly opposed the tax, put himself on the committee along with a yes man, passed the dead bill out of committee, rammed it through the (socialist) house, got a quick rubber stamp in the (marxist) senate, and the (socialist) goobernator's autograph all before anyone knew the legislature was open fer biz. And not a normal bill, implemented the following July 1, but an "emergency" bill that went into effect within a week. That's called a democratic process (in the USSR)

Any wunder folks is likin' donal?


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