Forget the power company.  you did the right thing by telling them to stuff it.

If you want a light, put it on a building, or worst case, put in a pole or an old windmill tower, then add whatever switches or motion sensor you want. You could really freak out trespassers by having the motion sensor play a recording telling them they are being watched and video recorded. For extra effect, add a IR sensor to aim a red laser and tell them they are in your sights and to leave or be shot.

Your little tractor has a loader. With that you can raise a pole with a light on it; worst case.

I still contend that the lights do little more than light the path for thieves, and that total darkness is tougher for them to deal with.

You might even forgo the light in the proposed scenario, and just have a motion sensor to play a recording that tells them they are being watched, video recorded, and that they are in your rifle sights. With that coming out of the dark, they'd wet their pants trying to get away. I doubt if many would try to come back.


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