I just looked at my bill and I am paying closer to $10 a month for that light. I told them to remove it. Hope I am not making a mistake.

I did this when I moved here in '93, and never looked back.
If I'd have wanted to live under a streetlight, I'd have
stayed in the city.

Cost was $X/mo here, unswitched and running off of unmetered power.
Was not possible to be motion-sensored, because it was a sodium
vapor bulb.  Could not be turned off, their policy prevented
this.  (I asked.)

It took them months to remove it, in the meantime it was full
daylight 24/7 around here.  One day it was gone: pole and all!

You can do better, yourself.  Especially for a light that is
NOT going to be on 12/7.  Doubt it'll be as bright as that
yard sun, though.

-- Jim


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