I also am in the trucking industry, managing the maintenance and repair of over 
220 semi's, all from my computer and phone.  When I'm in my 4 wheeler(I also 
posess a CDL), I constantly see reasons why we should have regulations similar 
to those in the commercial traffic realm.  Many drivers/cars should be put "out 
of service" until the proper level of safety is attained.  All states should 
have mandatory yearly checks for POI(inusrance) and the safety condition of the 
I dislike gov't over-regulation, but this is an area that is severely 


~I just had to say something here because, besides presently owning and
~driving a 115 and a 107 (...and the old 123--gone but not forgotten), I
~drive an 18-wheeler for a living most of the time and have done so for
~over 30 years. 

Luther   KB5QHU
Alma, Ark
'83 300SD (230,xxx kmi) 
'82 300CD (158,222 kmi)
'90 300E & '82 300D (parts or run?)

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