How many AU (1 AU, aviation unit, = $1000) did all that take? Sounds like
you're almost there. Our TDI averaged 50.5 mpg for the two round trips to
the airport this morning, 32 miles each way, almost half at 70 mph and the
other half at 60 mph. Why two trips you ask? - the FAA melt down on the
East coast this morning is why.

On Sat, Aug 15, 2015 at 3:32 PM, Curt Raymond via Mercedes <> wrote:

> Picked up my 2005 Golf TDI from the TDI mechanic today. He put in a new
> transmission and timing belt/water pump, changed the oil, oil filter, fuel
> filter, air filter, and polished the headlights.
> He said the clutch in it looked like it maybe had 10,000 miles on it plus
> it has nearly new tires which leads me to theorize that after putting a new
> clutch and tires into it the previous owner freaked when the transmission
> gave trouble and considering it needs new front fenders and a windshield
> refused to put any more money into it.
> So its quite drive-able now but I don't think will pass inspection because
> of a ding in the windshield. Safelite says its probably repairable, I'll
> make a run up there and see what they can do. Then I'll see about front
> fenders and getting it detailed. We washed it but it had some gunk on it
> which will probably have to be buffed out.
> I think the previous owner had babied it, when I first got it up to
> highway speed it was kind of pokey and the first couple times I really got
> on it it poured smoke. After a couple hard run ups its feeling a lot
> peppier so I think I got the carbon out of it but a week or two of highway
> runs will prove that out.
> Oh and the speedo doesn't work. I'd bet the mechanic hasn't hooked it up.
> I didn't have plates on it so I bet he didn't take it for a ride. I'll look
> online and see if its something simple to hook back up, otherwise it'll be
> back to him for a checkup...
> -Curt

OK Don

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