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Hi John,
Yeah, I've been disabled for about 10 years

        I wasn't aware of that.

Unfortunately nerve pain is very difficult to manage. Too much meds and I go to sleep - not a good way to spend life - too little and it;s a waste of time. I see an anestheologist regularly and was implanted with a pump that initially contained morphine which was dripped into my spine thru a catheter from the pump. The morphine was changed to Dilaudid with epinephrine - it's
5x's more concentrated than morphine

I know about nerve pain, I've been dealing with it for a while too. Mine is caused by a disc in my cervical spine. I have been prescribed all these meds but without the pump. I refuse to take anything with acetaminophen and/or a billion "adverse side effects" . Morphine works the best with little to no side effects. Addiction and overdose can occur if your irresponsible but other than that nothing unless you have a kidney problem. Morphine will not metabolize if a certain type of kidney problem exists. The metabolites can hang out in the kidneys causing problems. My present Doc wrote me a prescription for Dilaudid 2mg and said its equal to 30 mg morphine. I don't think that's true, they just don't seem to work at that dosage. I really could use the 30 mg morphine but these doctors are so worried about there own ass getting in trouble that they are very conservative. I thought of asking for a referral to a pain management anesthesiologist. It was hell being out of town for almost 4 months as nothing can be done A) across state lines and B) without continuing care which means being stationary for 90 days. That just doesn't happen in my line of work. Lots of sleepless nights. luckily I came across a woman who just got a pump and gave me a handful of the morphine pills she can no longer take. Got me through a few weeks taking them only when things got unbearable.

Tell me John, how did you come to have a email name of rat-tail-baby? Seems
like there might be a story there?  ;-)  Take care -

Ellwood J Rattail was our cat that was killed by coyotes. Its in his memory. I do have the remnants of a ponytail though.

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