> Greg wrote:
> So, the 1980 240D has strange symptoms:
> Intermittent battery draining and when battery is recharged
> to full, the ignition switch causes a loud click (the
> solenoid actuating) but then no engine turning.  Are these
> symptoms likely associated?  Is one causing the other?

I doubt they are related.

Click-no-crank is usually the fault of the solenoid itself -
the contacts not making connection.

The solenoid is entirely out of the circuit until the key is
turned, so it's unlikely it's the cause of the phantom

Unless the click-no-crank is because the battery is dead.  An
easy check is turn on an interior light.  It should dim - but
not practically go out.  If it goes out, the battery has
insufficient current capacity.  This could mean either the
starter is drawing too much or the battery is weak.


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