Last night I installed new Akebono Ultra Premium ceramic pads (part#
EUR423) in my '87 300TD.  Made in USA, and about $46 via Amazon.

Two problems.  Well, maybe only one can be attributed to the new pads.

The MB pad wear sensors are supposed to clip into holes in the pads, but
the holes are slightly too large and the sensors flop around a bit,  As
long as they don't fall out, I think they'll work fine, but they don't fit
as well as in the OE or OEM pads.

The pedal feel was nice and firm with Pagid "normal" pads, but now the
pedal feel is toward the squishy end.  I blame the new pads.  I also
changed the front brake hoses at the same time, so perhaps the new ATE
hoses are to blame or are part of the problem.  They are a 129 part number
Charleston SC

Wea feal yor pane


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