I had to put a new deck belt on today, it had a rather elaborate mulching kit 
on it that went way up under the deck. I removed that as there is no way I 
could now with it on. Maybe later. I mowed one lap around the yard and it 
bogged down a few times starting to burn the belt so I cut the pto off. On the 
2nd lap it kept bogging down to the point the blades would not spin it was like 
the electric pto was slipping. I also kept getting a big bunch of grass stuck 
up under the deck which was keeping the blades from turning. I think it was 
because the blades are not turn fast enough to kick it out. So a quick google 
search and I think I need to adjust the pto clutch. There are supposedly 3 nuts 
you turn in to tighten it. I was also getting some oil smoke but I think it was 
probably just burning some crud out of the exhaust. After it runs a while will 
see if it is still using oil. It shouldn't be.

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