I think all three missile types would guide on that target and their
warheads would function making multiple holes in the Hellcat. The unknown is
the vulnerability of the Hellcat.  I suspect the pilot was the largest
critical thing in that aircraft, which is not a factor here.  So it depends
on the size, location, and shielding of things like fuel lines/tanks,
control cables, etc. as well as fire suppression. Being air-cooled
eliminates a liquid cooling system, which is normally a big vulnerability.
Those radial air-cooled engines are reputed to function even after severe
battle damage but I don't know how factual that really is.  In reality, a
modern fighter would probably use the 20mm gun, mainly to ensure they were
shooting at the right thing (inside visual range), and that would be very
effective (especially with a non-maneuvering target).  Current 20mm ammo
functions (detonates) after it has passed several inches inside the skin of
the target.

In defense of the 2.75 FFAM, that shotgun cluster tactic was intended for
manned intercontinental bombers, which were quite large and slow in those
days.  A single hit, almost anywhere on the target, would ruin target crew's

> -----Original Message-----
> From: M. Mitchell Marmel via Mercedes

> Yes, but how well could they do against an unmanned Hellcat drone?
> My money's on the Grumman.  ;D
> -MMM-


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