There are over 40 varieties of cold season grapes grown here. There are now 97 wineries in the state, and over 400 vineyards.

I have the ebuliometer from the last big vineyard in the state. that was 80 acres of vineyard and something like 60 acres of orchard. Across the River, his brothers had many more acres of vineyards and orchards. It was a french acadian family that settled around 1820, before the Mormons "started" Nauvoo, IL. The Descendents of one of the brothers in IL still operates the winery. They donated quite a few items to "the Wine Experience" at the IA State fair.
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Then there are my friends:

Then there is:   I see 2-3 people i know are directors.

Its interesting to see wineries popping up outside of traditional grape growing regions, theres one in Presque Isle, Maine growing some magic hybrid grape that can take the cold.Last I knew there was a vodka distillery too.
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If I had my druthers I'd head East to NS and buy a winery overlooking the Bay of Fundy. Or to Nelson, NZ for a comparable setting.


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