Alles.Well, there I was going to the shore for a week,, 92 deg and an open road 
what could be better?At 65 mph in second gear and 5k revs? That can't be good. 
Sh*t, now what?Exit at next ramp in Avon and came to rest at Dunkin Donuts, not 
too shabby, except that the temp guage crept up to 120 deg.Tea and a bagel and 
quiet for an hour and everything was cooler. Still have only 1, 2, R, no 3 or 
4.Towed home and swapped for the rusty trusty 300TD and off to the shore, 
again, successfully.My wife said that it was karma payback for wearing my under 
draws inside out!Any ideas about transmissive transgressions?
Fred the puzzled wants to know.
Fred Moir.Lynn MA.Diesel preferred.                                       

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