Alles.Well, there I was going to the shore for a week,, 92 deg and an open road what could be better?At 65 mph in second gear and 5k revs? That can't be good. Sh*t, now what?Exit at next ramp in Avon and came to rest at Dunkin Donuts, not too shabby, except that the temp guage crept up to 120 deg.Tea and a bagel and quiet for an hour and everything was cooler. Still have only 1, 2, R, no 3 or 4.Towed home and swapped for the rusty trusty 300TD and off to the shore, again, successfully.My wife said that it was karma payback for wearing my under draws inside out!Any ideas about transmissive transgressions?
Fred the puzzled wants to know.
Fred Moir.Lynn MA.Diesel preferred.

What brand of filter is in the trans?

I'd skip the kickdown switch test unless you know there is a heavy rug over it.

Buy a Mann Transmission filter and a gasket. Change the fluid and filter. You should be back up and running.

The filter is a weak spot in the 124 AT, and according to the owner/GURU at Sun Valley, the other brands of filters collapse, and plug up the fluid flow. That limits you to 1 and 2.

I about lost it, because I thought the whole at had bit the dust. But before I did too many rash things, i called Sun Valley, and he diagnosed and prescribed the Mann filter.

Now that I have used up my supply of elring filters from Q, I only buy Mann. I liked the elring because the filter and gasket come together. With Mann you have to buy the gasket separately. I've only had that happen once, and I managed to drive it slowly 20 miles to the closest line shack, where I conveniently had a 240D and a 300SDL stashed. Drove one of the other cars home and then fixed it the next weekend.


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