in the 70s, Wisconsin had a thin green tape like bumper sticker they used to promote the state, primarily to FIBs in chicagoland. The sticker said "Escape to Wisconsin" and was fairly popular in FIB land and milwaukee-Madison.

Who does not love summer in the North woods? The smell of pine trees and cool nights and gorgeous days will plenty of lakes and rivers for fishing and boating... Damfew people would not like to escape to Wisconsin for the summer. The bumper sticker was deep green like the pine forests.

However in the north counties, they loved the bumper stickers for another reason. They cut the center out. The "revised" bumper snicker said "Escape Wisconsin!" Hardly what the econ developer crowd wanted to see, but humorous.

But if you ever spent a winter in the northwoods, you understand the desire to escape...


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