I would agree with that to a great extent. It disturbs me to see vehicles on
the road that have had a ball joint let go. I know folks who will put
nothing into a vehicle until it actually breaks. However, I can also recall
when we used to have inspections here, that I failed once because my ebrake
was not quite tight enough and had to come back another day and prove that
it had been repaired. Seemed to be overkill to me at the time but I guess
they had standards that they had to enforce. We do not appear to have the
random inspections anymore. - Too bad.

I also suspect that the majority of the bone headed traffic manovers that we
see are not deliberate in the sense that these folks know they are doing
something illegal and dangerous, but just ignorance of the driving
regulations. I am amazed (but I should not be) when someone cuts me off when
I have ther right of way and then gives me a one finger salute. They just do
not know any better.

Randy B

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I also am in the trucking industry, managing the maintenance and repair of
over 220 semi's, all from my computer and phone.  When I'm in my 4 wheeler(I
also posess a CDL), I constantly see reasons why we should have regulations
similar to those in the commercial traffic realm.  Many drivers/cars should
be put "out of service" until the proper level of safety is attained.  All
states should have mandatory yearly checks for POI(inusrance) and the safety
condition of the automobile.
I dislike gov't over-regulation, but this is an area that is severely


~I just had to say something here because, besides presently owning and
~driving a 115 and a 107 (...and the old 123--gone but not forgotten), I
~drive an 18-wheeler for a living most of the time and have done so for
~over 30 years.

Luther   KB5QHU
Alma, Ark
'83 300SD (230,xxx kmi)
'82 300CD (158,222 kmi)
'90 300E & '82 300D (parts or run?)

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