Youngest son is driving me crazy with his attention to detail and nitpicking. Last night it was, "The car took a couple of extra seconds to start!" Since it had been sitting overnight, I suspect the fuel pressure had to build up. The other day it was, "There's this strange brown stuff on the carpet under the driver's seat!" No doubt from someone spilling a coffee and doing a crappy job cleaning it up. When was the last time you looked under your driver's seat?

He's a MarthaManiac. I'm so proud.

Thank goodness, he's much better than his older brother, who just drives the car and doesn't pay much attention to anything as far as the car is concerned. Good thing I keep maintenance records and get reminders, or nothing would ever get done with his car.


Ha!  Serves ya right!

My mom always said she hoped my sisters kids would be as big of a problem as she was. The sisters kids were holy terrors and terrible brats, so Mom saw that as just rewards.

Glad to hear the next generation Mercedes Martha is making good progress. Get that "brown stuff" outta there!


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