The shop next to my CrossFit gym has had a 98 E320 diesel sitting in the
parking lot for about 3 years. Every so often, I talk with the shop in
order to find out what the status of the repair is. He always tells me the
lady is trying to get money together. So today I stopped in to ask him how
it was going and he told me that the lady has finally just brought him the
title. He told me he's ready to sell it to me and he'd like to get $1500
for it as it sits. He said that when it was brought in three years ago, it
wasn't running well and it had a fuel leak out of the back of the injector
pump. It's a 98 with 273K miles on it according to the title. Body and
interior are very good.
What thinketh all y'all?

Bob R

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