> Randy wrote:
> Neighbors at the lake have a big propane tank and in the
> middle is the lid where the fill valve is etc.
> There was a woodpecker who loved to sit in the lid and
> hammer away.

All the woodpeckers I'm familiar with hammer for two reasons
- to eat and to "sing". When eating, most use a rather slow
thump, thump, thump - maybe 1-3 blows-per-second and a
seemingly random delay between blows.  I never hear them do
this on anything but wood.

When signaling, they seem to like noise.  Hollow tree, metal
flashing, etc.  And the rate is way higher, like 10-20
blows-per-second.  It can almost be described as a buzz.  For
this, it seems the noisier he better.


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