I think I mentioned the other day that the speedo didn't work in my new 2005 
Golf TDI. Today I managed to get the car registered so I took a minute to dig 
into the issue. Theres a vehicle speed sensor (VSS) that lives on the 
differential which can cause my problem which is no speedo and a randomly 
bouncy fuel gauge so I went looking for it. I'd spent a little time before but 
its tucked on the rear of the transmission which is right in front of the 
driver's seat (transverse engine remember) and behind the air filter. Theres 
not much space in there so I pulled the airbox (2 bolts and a nut although one 
bolt is missing) to get a better look.
I finally found the wiring for the VSS but no VSS. I did find a thing that 
looks a little like a transmission fluid dipstick. I *think* its actually the 
bottom half of the VSS. The sensor is $25 so I just ordered one. IDParts (my 
favorite VW supplier) is in MA so I usually get my orders from them double 
quick. While I was at it I got a hinge repair kit for the armrest, a known weak 
point some enthusiast has designed an updated part which is supposed to be way 
On a positive note the state says my car is worth $5500 vs the KBB value of 
around $3500. That makes me feel good since I've already put double what I paid 
for it into repairs and I haven't dealt with the front fenders or bumper cover 
yet. Once I do the car will be pretty much perfect though. Ready for many 
motoring miles...


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