Gee, you guys are just too cheap!  In the Atlanta area, a car like this would 
go for around $7500, if he charges the AC and gets it working.  In my area, the 
prices of these old 617 cars (116, 126, 123) have been going up.  I think the 
survivor crowd is buying them up.  Remember the old expression, "there's no 
such thing as a cheap Mercedes".  I see you guys write about buying "cheap" 
cars and then spending boatloads of time and parts making them "work good".  
But your time doesn't cost anything, it's only the parts prices, right?  
Anyway, keep buying "cheap", the Chinese parts industry needs your money 
Best Wishes, 
Roger Hale 
Dinnerware Classics, Inc. 
Monroe, Ga. 
770-267-0850  (new)  (antique) 


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