Is it the craftsmanship or materials that changed for post-1955 clarinets?  Country of manufacture?  Automation vs. hands on manufacturing process?  Metric vs. English?  ;)

As I just mentioned, the design was changed to no longer be
purely cylindrical.  Nothing else changed.  All are (were) handmade
in France, from the finest wood available.  The base instrument was
invented in France, in 1630, which puts it over a century before
the introduction of the metric system; your guess is as good
as mine regarding the units of the dimensions!

I have heard one opinion that the _sound_ of the older ones is
better, but the _intonation_ of the newer ones is better.
Translation: easier to play in tune.

"Honey, I bought you the best-sounding clarinet available!"
(It even says so on the sash that's inside the case.  So it
must be true!)

-- Jim


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