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> > Is it the craftsmanship or materials that changed for post-1955 
> > clarinets?  Country of manufacture?  Automation vs. hands on 
> > manufacturing process?  Metric vs. English?  ;)
> As I just mentioned, the design was changed to no longer be
> purely cylindrical.  Nothing else changed.  All are (were) handmade
> in France, from the finest wood available.  The base instrument was
> invented in France, in 1630, which puts it over a century before
> the introduction of the metric system; your guess is as good
> as mine regarding the units of the dimensions!
> I have heard one opinion that the _sound_ of the older ones is
> better, but the _intonation_ of the newer ones is better.
> Translation: easier to play in tune.
> "Honey, I bought you the best-sounding clarinet available!"
> (It even says so on the sash that's inside the case.  So it
> must be true!)
> -- Jim

Acker Bilk had the best sounding clarinet ever (Stranger on the Shore).
No info on the instrument.




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