The new Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) for my Golf came today. As I'd guessed its 
actually two parts and my old one had the top part broken off. Replacement is a 
pain, its on the side of the transmission, under the firewall. Its got big 
flats, I used a 7/8" wrench on it but theres very little space to swing the 
wrench, grrr, its nice to have a working speedometer though.
Hopped in the car to get an inspection sticker and before I hit the end of the 
street the check engine light (CEL) came on. Grrr! Gotta get the VCDS (I dunno 
what it stands for but its the magic that connects my laptop to the car) and 
check it out but its in the Jetta that Angie has taken to work.
About 1/3 of the way to Angie's office I realized I'd forgotten to plug the 
Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor back in when I put the air box back after replacing 
the VSS. Pulled over, plugged it back in and suddenly the power that was 
missing in 2nd gear is back. Still need VCDS to shut off the CEL. Actually I 
probably didn't, after picking up the VCDS I stopped for new windshield wipers, 
my local Car Quest gave me $10 off which is great since the Bosch wipers were 
normally $45. When I fired up the car again the CEL was gone.
So I headed down to get the inspection sticker only to find the reverse lights 
don't work. A cursory search suggests its the switch which sadly lives UNDER 
the battery. So pull the airbox again (I'm getting good at it) then pull the 
battery. The bottom of the battery box is held with 4 bolts into captive nuts 
except one of the nuts isn't captive anymore. I ended up breaking out the 
bottom of the plastic box, theres still 3 bolts...
The switch is indeed dead but there are none at any FLAPS or VW dealer for 50 
miles. I ordered a replacement from ID Parts (where the VSS came from) and 
since I ordered before 4:30 it MIGHT be here tomorrow. The real advantage in 
ordering from an in-state source. Now the rain won't quit long enough for me to 
button things back up. I'm off to California (with an aching in my heard) 
Sunday so if the new switch doesn't arrive tomorrow it won't get fixed for a 

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