I was just making a Led Zeppelin reference. I don't mind trips to California. I 
like sushi and its a good place to get it.
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 Subject: Re: [MBZ] Some days - The saga of the Golf.

>The new Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) for my Golf came today. As I'd 
>guessed its actually two parts and my old one had the top part 
>broken off. Replacement is a pain, its on the side of the 
>transmission, under the firewall. Its got big flats, I used a 7/8" 
>wrench on it but theres very little space to swing the wrench, grrr, 
>its nice to have a working speedometer though.
>Hopped in the car to get an inspection sticker and before I hit the 
>end of the street the check engine light (CEL) came on. Grrr! Gotta 
>get the VCDS (I dunno what it stands for but its the magic that 
>connects my laptop to the car) and check it out but its in the Jetta 
>that Angie has taken to work.
>About 1/3 of the way to Angie's office I realized I'd forgotten to 
>plug the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor back in when I put the air box 
>back after replacing the VSS. Pulled over, plugged it back in and 
>suddenly the power that was missing in 2nd gear is back. Still need 
>VCDS to shut off the CEL. Actually I probably didn't, after picking 
>up the VCDS I stopped for new windshield wipers, my local Car Quest 
>gave me $10 off which is great since the Bosch wipers were normally 
>$45. When I fired up the car again the CEL was gone.
>So I headed down to get the inspection sticker only to find the 
>reverse lights don't work. A cursory search suggests its the switch 
>which sadly lives UNDER the battery. So pull the airbox again (I'm 
>getting good at it) then pull the battery. The bottom of the battery 
>box is held with 4 bolts into captive nuts except one of the nuts 
>isn't captive anymore. I ended up breaking out the bottom of the 
>plastic box, theres still 3 bolts...
>The switch is indeed dead but there are none at any FLAPS or VW 
>dealer for 50 miles. I ordered a replacement from ID Parts (where 
>the VSS came from) and since I ordered before 4:30 it MIGHT be here 
>tomorrow. The real advantage in ordering from an in-state source. 
>Now the rain won't quit long enough for me to button things back up. 
>I'm off to California (with an aching in my heard) Sunday so if the 
>new switch doesn't arrive tomorrow it won't get fixed for a week...

In my generation:  VCDS = viet cong dumb shXX

I'm off to California (with an aching in my heard)  I can understand 
a reluctance to go to the land of fruits and nuts.

Congrats on getting the speedo and the CEL fixed.



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