"BTW, the brown skin on my two burned spots began to peel  yesterday;
'finding good, pink, new skin underneath.  Coulda been  a lot worse.

 I've been out of the loop here recently........Since my stroke my  left 
side is numb to hot or cold feelings .I've had a habit of picking up  the 
frying pan with my left hand since I don't feel anything.  [DUH !!  ]  Voila 
!!...The answer is egg whites which you coat the burn area.You  can even 
immerse your fingers in a small bowl with 2 egg whites for about  20 + minutes 
as to coat the burn spot. The collagen forms a coat & heals  it  just like 
you never burned yourself. I've done it twice [Another DUH ]  I read it on 
the 'net & applied it..It's unbelievable.
[Who has to put in new Master Cylinder in a few days]
1983 240D

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