Started on the 1994 S420 about 7:30 this morning, before it got nasty outside.

Changed plugs.  Easy on this car, very accessible.  Wires are definitely 
original.  Plugs were not, and all in good shape.  Probably could have used 
them for another 10k-15k.  Noticed that they were resistor Bosch plugs, which 
are unnecessary in this car, as the Beru boots have resistors in them.  The 
replacements were non-resistor.

Figured I would have a look at the distributor caps and rotors.  First M119 I 
have worked on that the distributor cover latches weren’t broken.  Amazing!

Distributor cap bolts had paint marks on them and the caps and rotors were 
without question the originals.  Pretty nasty looking inside as a matter of 
fact.  Just so happens I had a pair of new ones ready to go, so on they went.

I don’t drive the car enough to tell if it made a difference or not, but I’ll 
check with the boy when he gets home today.  In order not to color his opinion 
I didn’t tell him what I did to the car.  That way he will give me an unbiased 

He has reported that on occasion he has to do two crank cycles before the car 
starts.  In questioning him it doesn’t seem like there’s a pattern, but when I 
went to move it out of the garage today it did it to me.  I suspect the fuel 
pressure regulator might be getting sketchy.  I just happen to have a new one 
on the shelf, so I may put that on the car tomorrow morning.

Waiting to hear back from my retired MB dealer tech who makes wire sets with 
all the OE parts.  I’ll order a new set of wires from him.

Done by 10:00.  Plenty of time to go inside, cool off, take a shower and run by 
the USPS to drop off the last of the eBay stuff I had to ship.


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