That’s nothing.  My 2003 S430 (W220) has four fuse boxes.  And some electrical 
items have “electronic fuses” as MB calls them.  It’s a fancy name for saying 
that they’re using an SCR to control a circuit, and it limits current if it 
sees a ground or short circuit.

Makes troubleshooting tough sometimes, too.  I had a side marker light out.  I 
test the bulb with a meter.  Open circuit.  For grins I checked the socket for 
power with the light switch on.  Nothing.

Further studying revealed that if there’s no load, the “electronic fuse” won’t 
pass power to the circuit.

Put a new 5W bulb in and it worked.


> On Aug 22, 2015, at 12:47 PM, Rich Thomas via Mercedes 
> <> wrote:
> So my wife wants to power her phone from a cig plug charger in the 2012 ML.  
> There is a ciggy lighter in the front console, and the manual shows 
> either/both a 12V socket there, but hers only has the ciggy lighter.  I try 
> to get the lighter out, push it down, nothing happens.  So I pry it out, put 
> in the charger, no juice.
> So I pop the hood, find the fuse box and there are only a few small fuses in 
> there and some relays and a 50A or 2 and no chart of anything.  WTF?  So then 
> I download the manual (she does not leave it in the car for some reason) and 
> it shows there are 3 (!!!) fuse boxes scattered around the car, one in the 
> side of the dash by the pass door and another under the back seat.  I try to 
> find the one by the door, there is none there.  WTF???  So the manual says 
> "The fuse allocation chart is located under cover" of the rear one.  So I 
> open that one up, it has some fuses in it too, but no chart.  WTF???? The 79 
> TD has a nice printed chart under the fuse box cover!  I had to cut a little 
> tab on the carpet cover too to get it lifted up, so I guess no one has ever 
> been in that fuse box.
> Have the Germans completely lost it?  (Or maybe the Alabama assembly 
> workers?)  Neither of the boxes has a fuse chart, how the hell are you 
> supposed to figure out what fuse might need to be changed?  Good news is the 
> fuses seem to be the newer flat things, I have a ton of those around but no 
> idea which one to pull.
> Off to the tubes to try to find a fuse chart....
> --R
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