That's nothing. My 2003 S430 (W220) has four fuse boxes. And some electrical items have "electronic fuses" as MB calls them. It's a fancy name for saying that they're using an SCR to control a circuit, and it limits current if it sees a ground or short circuit.

Makes troubleshooting tough sometimes, too. I had a side marker light out. I test the bulb with a meter. Open circuit. For grins I checked the socket for power with the light switch on. Nothing.

Further studying revealed that if there's no load, the "electronic fuse" won't pass power to the circuit.

Put a new 5W bulb in and it worked.


More reasons why I don't want a MB made after 1990.

Proof the MB designers truly lost their brains. Bowties and pixiedust, but none of the reliability and rationality the old German machinists and engineers used to build cars with.


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