There are different parameters for the aux fan turn on temperature, for 
example, as well as changes to the interior blower fan speed, too.  For the 
later models like my W220 Mercedes has profiles set up in the software for 
various applications.  In this case there are profiles for the climate control 
system that determine how it works relative to the climate.  That is, there is 
a profile for “hot” climates, “normal” climates and “cold” climates.  I’ve been 
told these are comparable to the Middle East, most of the world, and higher 
latitude locations.  It affected everything from engine operating temperatures 
to blower speeds and aux fan settings, among other things.

As for the cost of the DAS, it depends.  You can do what I did and just buy the 
multiplexer, cables and software on an external hard drive (around $300) or go 
full bore and get it installed on an IBM T30 (?) laptop, which runs in the $500 
range.  I had an old HP laptop I wasn’t using for anything, so I have it 
running on it and nothing else.  It also includes the WIS, EPC and technical 
data, all of which can be referenced from the DAS system.

What is nice is that with the setup I have it works with everything from the 
early 1990s systems using the 38 pin diagnostic connector all the way up to 
around 2010 models.

You can get pretty deep into the cars with this, even with the older basic 
pre-ODBII proprietary system that is on the W140 and R129 chassis and others.  
For example, I know a guy in my W140 forum on BenzWorld that uses it to get 
transmission pressures.  By checking the pressures that the clutches engage at 
you can get a good idea of the internal condition of the transmission.

I don’t use it that often, but it’s an invaluable tool to have, even with the 
older cars.


> On Aug 22, 2015, at 3:14 PM, Craig via Mercedes <> wrote:
> On Sat, 22 Aug 2015 13:38:07 -0400 Dan Penoff via Mercedes
> <> wrote:
>> It also gives you the ability to alter operating parameters as well.  I
>> made some simple changes on my car so it thinks it was delivered to a
>> hot part of the world.  As a result of the changes, my engine runs a
>> bit cooler and my AC is a lot more efficient.
> Now that's interesting. Does it cause the auxiliary fan in front of the
> radiator/condenser more?
> Craig
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