Let's cut to the chase.

My car is worth $5,000 I THINK

But it needs sunroof repair of $1000
Total Paint of $1000  {I'm figuring enamel here, will look good for 5
years or so.)

So, I'll listen real hard to $3500 offer.

Car is my daily driver, sees about 500 miles a week, it is very

Uses no coolant (#14 head)
Uses about 2 qt of DELVAC! at 10,000 mile change.
Has 2 cracks in dashboard.
Has Clarion Stereo/CD/MP3 player

24mpg at 75mph.

In the past 50,000 miles I've done the following, most of it
proactively due to comments on this list.

New Radiator
New water pump.
New Glow Plugs and relay
New Vacuum pump
New lifters
Total exhaust
New 16" alloys (Tires are about gone)
Serp Belt, Shock etc about 25Kmi ago.
Front Brakes, calipers, rotors and Bilsteins about 15Kmi ago.  Rears
are scheduled for this spring.

This was a southern car, paint is badly faded.  Never been hit HARD,
It did have minor R/R quarter damage the was painted by someone after
a long hydraulic lunch.

If any one on this list is interested, contact me.  I can deliver for

Pete, Who's best frind says he has too many toys and not enough time.

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