Donald & others,
                           Imagine the shock that I got when  @ 171,176 
miles,  I removed  a Ceramic cylindrical sleeve. I guess this is the orignal 
??!! Anyway I flushed  and filled with Dextron II ATF with new filter [per MB 
guy]. I did this Oct.2005  [ 83 240D]

       NOTE ::
                      My friend's father passed away & they're selling  1999  
500SL  ....about 25,000 miles......Located in Willow Grove,Pa.19090 by 
Turnpike Exit......Basically driven to Florida   for the winter months ... Tan 
/Champagne exterior ; Saddle interior........Asking 25,000 [Might take 23 G 
].......Beautiful Shape....I can look at it for anybody or get pics to 
                 Is the price about right ?????

     P.S. Hey Larry T- I'd be glad to help out on the 240D if your anywhere 
close to Willow Grove ,Pa. ....... I identify with your good/bad day syndrome 
since my brother has deals with it also[Doc cut his nerve-oops] .Being 
physically able ,maybe I can help.

                              Bob H   

 1983 240D , 1969 Austin America, 1995  Olds Sillhouette[with Mercedes Emblem 
on hood]

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