I finally got a rebuilt unit and replaced the master brake cylinder in my 115 300D yesterday afternoon. I bench bled the master cylinder before installation and now have a good solid pedal. Still need to bleed the wheel cylinders - hopefully this evening so I can drive it again. Must be 6 weeks or so since my problem developed. Took a month to get the rebuild kit and then I could not get it back together in a manner that I thought acceptable so I finally ordered a rebuild.

One issue that remains, and I had hoped would be solved in all of this is the brake warning light on the dash still does not wish to go out. I believe it to be the sender that warns of an uneven pressure between front and back. It was a problem before and I have had the sensor unplugged for a while. When I dismantled the old unit to clean it, that part was pretty gummed up so I thought the new one should be clean and make it functional again.
Maybe my sensor is damaged or inoperative?
I won't get too far into it until I bleed the wheels and drive it a bit but I would rather have it intact than unplugged.
Anyone know anything much about this?



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