> Randy wrote:
> One issue that remains, and I had hoped would be solved in
> all of this is the brake warning light on the dash still
> does not wish to go out. I believe it to be the sender that
> warns of an uneven pressure between front and back.

> Anyone know anything much about this?

I have no experience with a 115, so I probably don't know
much. *smiles*

But on my 123s, the _red_ "brake" dash light warns of pressure
imbalance _and_ low fluid.  At least I presume it warns of
pressure imbalance, I know it warns for low fluid.

Because unplugging the sensor prevents the warning light from
coming on, we know you're on the right trail.  If the light
is off when unplugged, presumably the sensor is normal-open
and closes to send a warning.  That would suggest that if
there are multiple sensors they would be wired in parallel
meaning unplugging one of them would not effect the others.

Did the new master cylinder include a new sensor?

Does the dash light still come on for the self test when
starting the engine?  (I'm presuming the 115 dash lights test
even though the glow and start are not done with the key)


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